The Benefits to the Retail Car Tyre Dealer


Nitrogen in Tyres

Pricing models

The average tyreshop charge for filling tyres with Nitrogen today can vary widely, anywhere from £0.50-£5 per tyre (ATS charge £1.50 per tyre).

Revenue calculator

You could be generating of revenue from offering Nitrogen!

In addition to this, you could choose to bundle Nitrogen filled tyres with other services making the cost per tyre higher. Some tyreshops charge less (or nothing) per tyre if you purchase tyres from them as an added service.

However the following are some examples of how you can generate extra revenue by offering the Nitrogen tyre inflation service:

New tyre sale options

  • Increase the price of the tyre and include Nitrogen tyre inflation in every sale (as standard) but don’t include on the bill.
  • Add on to the bill as a flat fee with new tyre sale as standard – e.g £1.50 each.
  • Offer to convert tyres even when not all are being changed. Charge £2 per Nitrogen filled tyre (don’t forget the spare) or offer a full conversion on all four for £6.

Without new tyre sale (Nitrogen conversion) options

  • Nitrogen conversion for all 4 – £8. This is higher than with a new tyre sale due to the additional steps required, such as using a purge-and-fill device, etc.
  • Cost per Nitrogen filled tyre – £2 (don’t forget the spare).

New customers with Nitrogen already in the tyres

Test the Nitrogen purity. If it’s below 93%, reconvert and charge full price. If it’s above 93%, top-off at no charge as a customer service and encourage customer retention/new tyre sales.

Car dealerships

New car sale options

  • Pre-charge inventory – £20. Indicate the vehicle has been installed with a beneficial savings package including Nitrogen for tyres. Include customer retention to increase value to customer and benefit to dealer.
  • Offer as a lifetime Nitrogen tyre inflation top-up or purge service for the life of the vehicle if customers include Nitrogen inflation with a new car purchase.

Reward your people

Nothing motivates employee’s more than direct compensation for effort. Incorporate a bonus programme for your fitters to sell the concept of Nitrogen tyre inflation. We recommend £0.50 per tyre or £2 per vehicle (based on all 4 tyres being converted). You can adjust your price point if needed to accommodate the bonus.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Scrap less tyres and leave a smaller carbon footprint by introducing Nitrogen tyre inflation.