About Nitrogen


Facts and figures

On Earth, Nitrogen is the primary free element; it forms about 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The other common elements that make up air are: Oxygen (21%), Carbon Dioxide (<1%) and other gases (<1%).

Properties of Nitrogen

  • A larger molecular structure than Oxygen – Nitrogen has a larger molecular structure than Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide which slows the migration or permeation process through porous materials.
  • A dry gas – Nitrogen is a very dry gas which means it doesn’t oxidise or react with materials it comes into contact with. The dry nature also creates a very low dew point so doesn’t create moisture in temperature fluctuations.
  • An inert gas – Nitrogen is inert so it doesn’t support combustion in environments where fires or explosions can be a hazard.
  • A colourless and odourless gas – Nitrogen, as a colourless and odourless gas, makes it unidentifiable so it can be used in all manner of consumable goods packaging and storage applications.